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What is an SR22?

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An SR22 is also referred to as a Certificate of Financial Responsibility. Like an FR44, there’s no such thing as SR22 insurance, though you may hear people refer to it in this way. An SR22 is simply a document that your auto insurance company files with the state to certify that you have an insurance policy in place that meets that state’s minimum liability coverage or financial responsibility requirements.

When is an SR22 Required?

SR22s are required in many states and reasons for filing vary; however, in general you could be required to submit an SR22 form if:

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What is FR44?

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As of June 2018, only Virginia and Florida use FR44s. An FR44 is sometimes called “DUI insurance,” however, it’s not a type of insurance. An FR44 is a certificate verifying insurance coverage that meets the state’s applicable requirements for financial responsibility. An FR44 is required when a person is applying to reinstate their driver’s license following a DUI or DWI conviction.

Your auto insurance company is responsible for filing this certificate with the regulatory authority in your state (e.g. the Department of Motor Vehicles).

When is an FR44 required?

In Virginia, a driver may be required to file and maintain an FR44 certificate for three years after being convicted for one of the following:

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In Florida, an FR44 is required if you are convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or other intoxicants. An FR44 is required for driver’s license reinstatement and must be maintained for three years.

How much does an FR44 cost?

It generally costs between $15 and $25 to file an FR44 certificate. The actual cost of an FR44 policy is determined by your age, gender, location, marital status, vehicle, and other factors. Since FR44 insurance coverage limits are higher than the average auto policy and because you are now a higher risk, you can expect to pay more than you would for coverage that doesn’t satisfy FR44 requirements., drivers who are required to file an FR44 must purchase a liability insurance policy with coverage that is double the minimum limits. The main difference between an SR22 and an FR44 is that an FR44 requires you to buy additional liability insurance.

Therefore, the insured’s liability limits must be:

In Florida, FR44 liability limits are higher. The insured’s liability limits must be at least:

Get help with an FR44 or SR22.

Still wondering what an FR44 is? How an SR22 works? State laws regarding FR44s and SR22s can be complicated. At NextWave Insurance, we can help make them simpler. We welcome all drivers to apply for coverage, no matter their insurance history or coverage needs. If you need help understanding or filing an SR22 or FR44, reach out to one of our friendly local insurance agents. We’re here for you. SR22 vs. FR44.

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